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tv   News Center 5 at 430  ABC  January 15, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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tomorrow morning, heavy rain across the boston area. southeastern mass and the cape. we have colder air mid-to-late morning and the snow line, mix linle classes towards the coast. it may get close to the coast before it ends before the game. much more about this big temperature change and the weekend forecast soon. ed: breaking news -- bomb threats forcing several schools to evacuate this afternoon. in weymouth, abigail adams and maria weston chapman. also, b.c. high in dorchester, falmouth high and arlington catholic high school evacuated this afternoon. police continue to investigate each location tonight. also breaking right now -- a school van driver arrested on drunk driving and crashing with students on board. newscenter 5' s juli mcdonald is live in brockton with the details. juli: the director of
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crash happened this morning before school on the way there. she said two students were on board and were being picked up and driven to brockton high. another source says these were homeless students which is why they were being driven by a different town. it was a minor crash and nobody was hurt. when police responded to the crash, they arrested the driver for being under the influence. the school has a contract with the school and it was immediately terminated. we asked questions to the police and they are not releasing any more information about the crash. the driver' s name or whether he or she will face any additional charges. i' m julie mcdonnell, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: breaking news on wall street -- the dow ending the week down almost 400 points. plummet. at one point today, the dow fell more than 500 points. both, the dow and s&p 500 have
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and the nasdaq is off more than 10%. all red arrows today. >> at this point, there is no case. ed: only on 5, foxborough' s police chief talking about the bizarre incident involving chandler jones. he has come under fire since news of the patriots star' s odd behavior surfaced. newscenter 5' s sera congi is live outside the police station with the exclusive interview. sera: the foxboro police chief says they' ve been very open about the chandler jones incident and any talk of a cover-up has been driven by the media. the defensive end arrived at the back lot of the police department sunday morning shirtless and in sweatpants. without provocation, he got on his knees with his hands behind his back. he was then taken to the hospital reportedly suffering from a reaction to synthetic marijuana. after some pressure from the media, foxboro police released a redacted police report describing the incident.
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chief spoke publicly, refuting allegations of a cover-up. >> we' ve been very open. we provided media with a report of what happened, a timeline of what happened. at this point, there is no case. sera: yesterday, jones apologized to fans and admitted he made a stupid mistake, but didn' t specify what happened. newscenter 5 has formally requested to get the video from these cameras around the police station which should potentially show exactly what happened. the chief said he would review the request with counsel. ed: the road to the super bowl runs through gillette stadium. they are the defending super bowl champions but the only question is will rob gronkowski be along for the ride? sportscenter 5' s bob halloran is live in foxboro with an update .
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bob: well, he was limited at practice again today and he is officially listed as game. in the week. it started on tuesday when he missed practice. he was limited on wednesday. on thursday, he missed practice problem, he has a bad back. gronkowski originally sprained his knee in week 12. he was not on the injury report for the last three weeks of the season. his ailments are a surprise and a concern. expect him to play tomorrow against kansas city but how well remains the question. bob halloran, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: right now, a teacher is off the job as police and school administrators investigate some troubling allegations. newscenter 5' s jack harper is live in west boyston with what we know tonight. jack: outside the police station and we do not know a lot from the investigators.
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we know according to parents, the teachers at the high school, a special ed teacher, sent a very inappropriate message to one of the students. we are told he is a senior. students. loved. that is the word they are using the charge. >> we need to get the facts. we do know what they are yet. my son adores them. we don' t know what happened. we should let the police knew what they are supposed to do and investigate. jack: we are told this message you know as well as everyone else, especially the d.a., if it and they will find it. i'
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new hampshire arrest a man on dui charges. 30-year-old jesse dennis was not only drunk and high, but say he had materials to make meth inside his car. 5 on the opioid crisis -- an alarming number of overdoses in brockton this week causing first responders and city leaders to take action. let' s get to newscenter 5' s jorge quiroga is live with the new effort to help addicts. jorge: like any other city, brockton has been hit hard by the opioid epidemic. but even here, the last few days are setting a record. the calls are keeping emergency responders scrambling day and night. 25 heroin overdoses in just 48 hours. yesterday, they even got a 911 from an mbta commuter train with two overdoses on board. after 123 overdose deaths last year, the city will soon be rolling out a gloucester type program, offering treatment to addicts who turn in their drug paraphernalia and ask for help no questions asked.
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proactive with outreach. we have to be more effective at connecting people to services right at the moment in time when they are willing to seek them. jorge: the brockton' s champion plan will also allow addicts to seek help at fire stations. the mayor says including firefighters is essential because for addicts, firefighters may not be as threatening as police. still a month away from being seeking to recruit volunteer angels to help people fight their addiction. ed: two marine helicopters collide in hawaii. the two choppers hit just off the oahu coast. right now, 12 people are unaccounted for. the waters are choppy for crews searching for survivors. a life raft was recovered, but no one was in it. right now, 14 people are dead and 27 others injured after a bus crashes off a mountain in japan. still no word on what caused the driver to lose control.
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field trip. sen. graham: i have concluded, without any hesitation, without any doubt, that jeb bush is ready on day one to be a commander in chief worthy of the sacrifices of the 1% that have been fighting this war. ed: senator lindsey graham endorsing jeb bush tonight. graham ended his presidential bid last month. donald trump was quick to take a jab at graham. he tweeted this morning, "senator lindsey graham embarrassed himself with his failed run for president and now further embarrasses himself with the endorsement of bush." mr. trump: i think a couple of the folks did well and a couple did very poorly. but, a couple did very nicely. ed: fresh off the gop debate, trump talking to a crowd of supporters in urbandale, iowa. the republican taking some jabs at the other candidates on stage
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among topics trump discussed, iran and the u.s. sailors captured and released earlier this week and u.s. jobs going overseas. ted cruz is in south carolina tonight. you are looking live at a town hall he is hosting in columbia. democrat bernie sanders will eventually -- officially expand his massachusetts operation tomorrow. he' s opening a campaign office in worcester. the location on park avenue has been used by other candidates in the past, including martha coakley. terrible regret -- that' s what actor sean penn is saying tonight about his meeting and interview with el chapo. penn says he regrets that the discussion is not focused on drug policies. his "rolling stone" interview is credited by mexican marines in leading to the arrest of el chapo last week. the parents of an american woman killed in italy dodging reporters this morning. however, they did thank police for making an arrest in their daughter' s death. a funeral for ashley olsen was held today.
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arrested on suspicion he killed the 35-year-old. the suspect admits he fought with her and pushed her twice, but his lawyer claims she was alive when he left the apartment. right now, bill cosby' s wife is fighting a worcester judge' order that she be deposed by lawyers for women suing the comedian for defamation. in a filing last night, camille cosby' s attorney argues she can' t be forced to give testimony about private conversations with her husband. lawyers for the women claim mrs. cosby should have to answer questions even if her testimony could not be used at a trial. this tennessee couple has come forward to claim their powerball prize. they are john robinson and his wife and they will with a $1.6 billion prize with other tickets that matched all six numbers. john but the ticket at a store in tennessee. only three businesses in that town self powerball spirit the other two winners were in
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on newscenter 5. a new mission to help the man behind the ice bucket challenge. frates that will help his family save thousands of dollars. on newscenter 5 at 6:00, police releasing new video of a drone the man they want to know if you recognize. and new at 7:00 -- in the wake of mass shootings, cutting-edge technology being developed in massachusetts to protect you. mike wankum shows us how it works. harvey: as you can clearly see, we have a storm coming up the coast. i have a timeline. all of us will get rain but some
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announcer: you are watching newscenter 5 at 4:30 p.m. ed: that is right on the expressway. in the summer, that traffic would be inch by inch. the traffic is a little slower. you can see red on both sides but the mass ave, 20 minutes going north. let' s see how that develops through the night. 93 and newton corner, that is about 20 minutes.
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40 minutes right now. there is the traffic. ok. now. right now. anniversary. it is the seventh anniversary of the miracle on the hudson, when a pilot and his flight crew saved everyone onboard by landing the plane in the hudson river. u.s. airways flight 1549 hit a flock of birds right after it took off and while it was more than 3000 feet in the air. the damage shut down both of the plane' s engines. the captain was sully sullenberger was able to execute a controlled water landing on the surface of the hudson. it was difficult. all 155 people on board survived. harvey: that was extraordinary. we were covering that at the time.
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ed: the cool and calm under that type of pressure. harvey: wish i could have that. ed: as i look at this, that is all water. harvey: that is all water right now. that is not coming here but the storm that comes to our area, the temperature structure will be changing during the storm which makes it interesting. let' s check it out and give you the over rview. we have a winter weather advisory along and north and west of 128 which includes a lot of western mass, northern mass. the reason for that is at first later on tonight, a little bit of mist or drizzle may fall in the temperature will be near 32. we get the heavier precipitation starting as rain but it may flip over or mix with heavy wet snow later in the storm. especially in the higher terrain like the berkshires and
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the storms are always complicated. 37 in boston now. breezes off the water at nine miles per hour. right now, the wind is coming out of the east and will continue to tonight. tomorrow morning, as we get the heavier precipitation, the wind will go to the east to the northeast to the north. instead of the mild ocean wind, we will draw down slightly colder air from the north. maybe enough to cause and wet snow. get borderline. it is going to be a tossup in some areas between heavy rain morning. right now, a little bit above freezing but there is room for it to drop a couple of degrees in this area which is why there could still be freezing drizzle. .it is 32 right now around the cape, upper 30' s to 40. here is the storm. lots of moisture.
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compact, six to 10 hours of precipitation. in eastern mass, for dissipation will fall heavily as the storm moves rapidly to the northeast but intensifies. here is a bit of a timeline starting tonight. you are ok if you are out this evening. later on this night, towards midnight, little bit of freezing drizzle. the main part of the storm is in the morning while you were sleeping. the berkshires, that is a mix of rain and wet snow. borderline around the worcester hills. it is heavy rain for southeastern mass advocate. -- and the cape. tomorrow morning, that is the worcester hills, the higher elevations getting snow. mix. even closer to boston, there is a chance in the last hour of the heavy precipitation that it may mix. the end of this will be in the early afternoon. it is a done deal by the time ll be around 37 degrees.
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we may also have snow showers early monday which will usher in heavy air -- cold air. the best chance to get a few injures will be the worcester hills, the berkshires. the wind -- there is a period of strong wind tomorrow morning especially towards the cape. in the early afternoon, it abruptly quiets down tomorrow night. here is a look at the seven days. for tomorrow, the morning is when we get the heavy precipitation. rain for a lot of people. a mix in some areas and even some wet snow for a short time in some places. on sunday, we' re in between systems. it is colder but not too cold. monday morning, we can get some flurries to usher in bitterly cold air dropping the temperature into the upper teens. bitter cold for tuesday and it' s a wednesday morning and then slight moderation for the second half of next week.
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right now -- chipotle will close all of its stores on one day, but only for a few hours. the move aimed at rallying employees behind a new strategy focused on improving food safety. on february 8, nearly 2000 chipotle locations will close so employees can attend the company-wide meeting. chipotle has been tied to a series of outbreaks, including e. coli, salmonella and norovirus. dozens of b.c. students were sickened in a norovirus outbreak at the chipotle in cleveland circle. the company tied to a superbug outbreak is taking new action to protect hospital patients. olympus corp. says it will the outbreak. the new design will change an internal mechanism that made it nearly impossible to properly disinfect the device. a government report released this week found there were 25 superbug outbreaks linked to the scopes last year. more than 140 patients in nine u.s. cities were infected. the cost to send mail is going up. the postal service price hike taking effect. but first, let' s check wall
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ed: prices of the post office are going up. rates of priority mail packages will rise nearly 10% starting this sunday the 17th. priority mail express prices are also seeing a price hike, 14% .
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that ups and fedex have also increased shipping prices by close to 5%. walmart announcing today it is closing 269 stores. none of the walmart stores in massachusetts are closing. however, two sam' s clubs in the state are. the sam' s clubs in fall river and seekonk will permanently close on february 5. it is all blamed on a lack of new memberships. a new study from the brookings institute finds boston ranks number one in the country for income inequality. 97 cities were studied. boston ranking just ahead of new orleans, atlanta, cincinnati and providence. boston' s inequality ratio was nearly twice the national average. an elite wall street bank is shelling out big bucks to clean up its role in the housing bubble crisis. goldman sachs is accused of cobbling together home mortgage securities it knew would fail, then selling them to unsuspecting investors between 2005 and 2007.
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the settlement with regulators. $1.8 billion will go toward consumer relief. general electric closes a deal to sell its appliance business. buying ge' s appliance unit for $5.4 billion. ge making the change after announcing this week that it is moving its headquarters from connecticut to boston. the federal government with a new move in the research of driverless vehicles. the obama administration is proposing to spend nearly $4 billion in a decade to accelerate projects. the plan aims to have federal regulators work with automakers to craft rules and policies as well as get the vehicles on the road quicker than now. they would require approval from congress. still ahead on newscenter 5 at 4:30 -- bringing new life to some of london' s most popular sites. it is the light show just kicking off.
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provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field. with your help, as president, we will. ed: a spectacular sight to see in london. some of the city' s most famous locations transformed by 30 international artists illuminating the streets in the city' s biggest light festival ever. for four nights, lumiere london brings 3-d projections and interactive projects to life.
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that is something to rhino about. j.c. and phil are ready to bring you newscenter 5 at 5:00 which starts right now. j.c.: the foxboro police chief explains his handling of the chandler jones incident. phil: overdoses spiking in another town. the drastic moves the mayor is making. harvey: stormy start to the weekend. rain is on the way in which areas could see some wet snow. j.c.: allowance advanced denied. a creative way a father taught his son a lesson. announcer: this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:00. j.c.: breaking news off the top at 5:00 -- a school van driver arrested, accused of driving drunk and crashing with students on board. phil: newscenter 5' s juli mcdonald is live in brockton with the breaking details. juli? juli: police are investigating this crash because although it
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stents are homess which is
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